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How to fill out the Service Learning Form


IMPORTANT:  If you are doing service for more that one day, please create a spread sheet including the date, time and number or hours for each day.  The supervisor needs to sign off for each day you are doing your service.  If you have questions please let me know.

Change is good and as you will see when you open the new service form it has change a little bit!  This will allow the service learning coordinator to get a better picture of your service and lessen the checks to make sure the service hours are valid.

How to fill out the Service Learning Form

The form is fairly self explanatory but if you have questions please contact Mrs. Clark in Room 114.

  1. Graduation Year - This is the year YOU graduate NOT the current year. 

  2. Student Name - MUST be written as the one that appears on their transcripts, if not the Service Learning Coordinator will not be able to find the student in the system to enter the student hours.

  3. Student ID Number - MUST match the student's name and be written on the form or hours will not be accepted.

  4. Categories - This is NEW!  Choose one of the three categories that your service falls under and circle it. (see below if you need to know the definitions of each) 

       - Educational: Providing knowledge; instructive or informative

       - Environmental: Relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition

       - Humanitarian: One who is devoted to the promotion of human welfare and the advancement of social reforms 

  5. Contribution - This area is were you will write (neatly) what you did and all actions that you were involved in during the service. 

  6. Impact - This area we want to know what difference you made and how your service affected someone.  Remember the point of service learning is to understand the effect individuals have in their communities.

  7. Make sure ALL PARTS are complete before your supervisor fills out and signs off on the hours and check the new district policies.