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Associated Student Body (ASB)



ASB is a group of dedicated students (made up of all grades, sports and clubs) who strive to do anything to better the school and follow the rules and procedures layout by FCMAT and the district office. This student organization is established to govern finances, organize activities, and represent the students of John F. Kennedy. The funds raised by student organizations(class, sports, or clubs) are called ASB funds. Each class, sport and club have their own ASB account. ASB funds represent an opportunity for students to not only raise money, but also learn the principles of operating a small business and learn leadership skills. ASB is constantly making contributions to the community, school, and their fellow students, within the limits of the law created by the state and district.


What does ASB do?

ASB is the principal student government body on campus headed by four officers: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer who govern the entire student body. The leadership class consists of the ASB officers, class officers, and accepted applicants. We ask for applicants to be involved in either sports or clubs on campus to help improve different events.

    * Note: You don’t have to be involved in a club/sport to apply for leadership class.


Host school events:

All of John F. Kennedy's dances, rallies, and school activities are organized by ASB. The purpose of these events is to unify the school, raise school spirit, and provide a break from academics.  



ASB comes up with unique, creative, and innovative ways for publicizing. ASB makes a mass production of bright informational posters, regarding new events.  They are also in charge of updating the student bulletin which is read during Second block daily. We also use Schoolloop and social media to help spread the word about different events.


Social Media     
Snapchat: @Titanxsnap



ASB is able to put on all of these events through fundraising. The majority of the money ASB receives comes from selling ads for the planners and selling items from the Student Store. The rest of the fundraisers for the year are to support classes, clubs, and sport teams meet their financial needs.*It is recommended that you talk to Ms. Mulcahy before scheduling any fundraiser.


Hold Business Meetings:

ASB holds weekly business meetings to discuss and vote on various issues by communicating and contributing ideas. During meetings, ASB makes business decisions like approving expenditures to ensure no conflicts arise in upcoming activities such as dances, fundraisers, blood drives and rallies. We also look into upcoming fundraisers and help manage class, club, and athletic accounts at the school. If any student at Kennedy High School is involved in any activity, regardless of money that relates to the school -ASB MUST approve it.


ASB meetings take place on Wednesday. If you have anything that you would like to be approved, it needs to turned in to room 156 by lunch on Monday. ASB will not accept anything the morning of. Anything turned in after lunch on Monday will go for the next meeting. 

For more information, please review the John F. Kennedy Associated Student Body Constitution.
To run for an ASB/Class Officer position please fill out this form and turn it in at Room 156 to the Activities Director, Ms. Mulcahy. 
To be apart of the Leadership Class and make a difference at John F. Kennedy, please complete this form and turn it into Room 156 to the Activities Director, Ms. Mulcahy.
Contact us at: