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Transcript Requests


NOTE: Due to covid-19, transcripts with a graduation year before 2005 will only be processed once a week. 

ALUMNI TRANSCRIPTS ARE AVAILABLE VIA PARCHMENT.COM ONLY- - Click on the link below, enter your info, pay, and it's on its way!  

Be sure to enter Kennedy High School - Fremont, CA, should pop up!



NON-OFFICIAL transcripts can be ordered on Parchment without a fee by selecting "self-view"



OPTION #1: You can email Ms. Espinoza @ OFFICIAL transcript requests will be processed 1-2 times per week; please email Ms. Espinoza Keep in mind that the turnaround time can be longer for this option. Include the following information: 

1. Full Name

2. ID #

3. Grade level

3. Name and address of institution or company you want your transcript mailed


OPTION #2 You can request your official transcript from Parchment with a faster turn around time. (24-48hrs.) However, there is a $3.95 parchment fee. Parchment has a tracking feature that will allow you to know the status of your request at every step.

Use the link below or go directly to

  • If you have not already done so, create an account. 
  • Be sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your school records/ transcript. 
  • Enter KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL and our KHS should pop up on the first page of schools to select.
  • Enter your grad/leave year. This is critical – this is your graduation year-(10th=2023, 11th=2022, 12th=2021)
  • Then you tell Parchment where you want your transcript to go – electronically or paper by mail – Your college, university, yourself, NCAA – click-click, done!
  • $3.95 for each transcript. (debit or credit card)
  • You will receive an email from Parchment once the transcript has been sent.
  • ALL transcripts from Parchment are OFFICIAL. That means they have been approved and submitted by the school.

Click on the link below


For questions, please email