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Ordering Transcripts - Current Students


Questions? Contact Mrs. Melissa Espinoza, x 27010


  • Fill out a Transcript Request form which is available in front of the Registrars office. There is no cost for transcripts as long as you are a student at Kennedy.
  • You must also submit a stamped, legal sized envelope addressed to your college. See the example below. Place the Request form and the envelope in the bottom pocket in front of the Registrars office.
  • Clear all your debts.
  • Please advise Mrs. Melissa Espinoza of the due date and information to be mailed by that date.

Please plan ahead!

If you turn in your requests late, we won't be able to meet your deadline!

Sample of legal-sized envelope (9" X 4")  

Please leave blank



                        College Name 
                        Street Address 
                        City, State ZIP

Transcript of (your name)

First class Stamp



For a legal-sized envelope, postage will be one first class stamp. Larger envelopes will require more.

Reminders: Students must:

1.     Fill out a Transcript Request form

2.     Clear all debts

3.     Submit a stamped, legal sized, envelope addressed to your college

4.     Any incomplete requests will be placed on hold, will not be processed, and will be returned to you.

Mid-year Report

For those schools requiring a Mid-Year Report, you should submit the following at the end of January:
 Fill out a Request for Transcript Form. This transcript will include your 1st and 2nd semester grades. The form is available in front of the registrars office.

Completed Mid-Year Reports will be mailed in February, as soon as the new transcripts are printed.

Final Transcripts

All schools will require a Final Transcript to include your 4th semester grades and your graduation date. Order these in May, again, supplying a stamped, addressed envelope with enough postage for 1 piece of paper.

If you still have questions, feel free to talk to Mrs. Espinoza.