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[Not a] Total Waste of Time

Fun & interesting webpages that don't quite fit in with the academic stuff


Know of a website that would be great on this page? Please let Mrs. Boyer know! 


Book Stuff


Book Here! 14 Beautiful Hotels Inspired by Literature Yet another reason to travel!


Learn Something (maybe)


30 Common Facts That Just Aren't True 


99 Life Hacks That Can Make Your Life Easier is a photo list of cool tricks you can do to make things work, make things easier, or whatever. Get ready to spend some time; each tip seems to be better than the last. Our faves are the phone speaker hack (let Mrs. Boyer know if you try this!) and using a can opener to open plastic blister packaging. Please have a parent or guardian (or science teacher) help you with anything that might cause you harm (in other words, don't make dumb choices. The spaghetti lighter trick is cool but can also burn your house down or set you on fire). teaches even small children how to code. Lessons start out very simple and gradually build your confidence. You can even help Frozen characters Anna and Elsa move and make pictures in ice. has carefully curated videos that teach a variety of topics (make a beaded necklace, play guitar, speak a foreign language, learn Salsa dancing to name a few). Yes you can find similar stuff on YouTube, but you might have to sort through a lot of bad videos before finding something useful.  


Optical Illusions from has common as well as not so common optical illusions. The site also has games and puzzles. investigates rumors, amazing photos, urban legends, and people's claims to find out if they are true or not. Snopes then posts their findings for everyone to see. Think that photo somebody shared on Facebook is a little too amazing? Snopes probably checked into it and posted their findings. Wondering if you should donate some money to that guy in Nigeria who keeps sending you emails? Check Snopes to see what they found out about about him (btw, it's a scam). 


Make My Life Easier


MyPermissions helps you keep track of all your different permissions (for example, can everyone see that picture you posted or just friends?) on all the popular social media sites. It will inform you of policy changes and keep all your social media listed in one spot so you don't have to remember everything you have signed up with. has free templates for making posters or flyers. If you don't want their logo on your poster or want special sizes, you can purchase from their website. 




NPRmusic First Listen lets you hear select upcoming albums before they are released for sale. Once an album goes on sale, it will disappear off of this site. Until then, enjoy all you want.




Pixlr is an online, free photo editing tool. While it's not Photoshop, it's easy and free and has tons of photo editing options. It's available as an app too.