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Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety

Resources to help you protect yourself on the Internet and on your phone


Virtual Privacy Lab from San Jose Public Library From social media and your online footprint to anonymity and tracking to data sharing and data mining while using online technology, these quick tutorials have all the info you need.


Passwords: How to create a strong password and keep hackers from gaining access to all of your online accounts by hacking only one.


Be Sure You're Secure: Password Hygiene article from Yahoo! Finance


Privacy: Companies and random people might know more about you than you do.


10 Actions You Should Take to Ensure Your Digital Privacy from TakePart Find out how long the government has to wait before skipping the warrant to see your emails and more.


Scams: Sound too good to be true? It probably is. Somebody asking for money or telling you to pay a fine immediately? Probably a scammer.

5 Deadly Clicks: the Links You Should Never Touch explains the dangers of clicking on links in your emails and even some websites. 

Snopes Computer issues pages will tell you if what you see or read on the web is true or a scam. Scroll down for the links to information [and ignore that ad about a new law in Fremont, CA; it's a hoax that will take you to a car insurance company's website.].


General Cyber Safety

NSteens has videos and games that will help you learn how to be safer online. 

net mannersKnowthenet presents Manners Matter the online Netiquette Do's and Don'ts infographic.