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Mental Health Resources - Update 12/18/20
Posted 12/16/20

During winter break, it is important to have access to information and resources to support mental well-being. Learning what signs to recognize, as well as behaviors that could be indicative of suicidal ideation, is critical at this challenging time. The pandemic, along with all of the other social issues we are experiencing, has increased the challenges we are facing. We acknowledge these challenges.

Help for Students in Crisis Web page comprehensive list of crisis/emergency and/or resources (e.g. non-crisis/emergency) to utilize during this Winter Break and/or future.

Parent Brochure English: This printable brochure includes questions parents can ask themselves to assess if their teen might be at risk of suicide and actions to take.  Tips on raising resilient teens as well as resources are provided.

Webinar Suicide Prevention 101 for Parents: Recognizing Signs and What to Do - Access Facebook Live recording of English Webinar on December 17, 2020 - Providing parents/caregivers both avenues variety of comprehension components as well as language capacities.

Teen Mental Health Guide English and Spanish amazing tool to have, a friendly reminder of self-care activities and web-based applications that may be more appealing to youth.


More Mental Health Resources