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Fake News & False Information

Also see the Bias Toolkit and Cyber Safety pages

Not all sources of information are legit or worthwhile...
Not all information is correct or even honest...

Website Evaluation Tools

CRAAP Test WorksheetThe CRAAP Test Worksheet: Make a copy for yourself then use it to evaluate websites you use in your research. This is only needed for websites not already approved by your teachers or librarians. Definitely not needed for database articles!

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"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on." ~ Winston Churchill or Mark Twain or James Callaghan or Terry Pratchett (there's no consensus on the actual author)

List of Fake News Sites by Melissa Zimdar, Merrimack College

Indiana State University East Campus Library's Fake News pages take you through the process of verifying news and provides resources. 

How to Spot Fake News from 

Snopes investigates questionable news, photos, social media posts, etc... and posts their findings.

Article: "We Tracked Down a Fake-News Creator in the Suburbs. Here's What We Learned" from NPR 

Evaluating Information: the Cornerstone of Civic Online Reasoning from the Stanford History Education Group, Stanford University

30 Famous Photoshopped and Doctored Images From Across the Ages  Yep, fake news is nothing new.