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Election 2020 Resources

Candidate Information 

Project Vote Smart: search by candidate or issue; use Vote Easy to get matched to candidates that reflect your values; mobile app available.

PolitiFact: primarily a fact checking organization that monitors political candidates' statements and actions and rates how honest or dishonest they are. You can also see fact checks for news sources and popular pundits. Search by candidate or issue. Compare candidates side-by-side. Take their quiz to get matched to candidates that reflect your values. Only includes candidates with $10 million+ in donations (self funded candidates won't be on here).

Political Party Guides

Politics1 Directory of U.S. Political Parties has descriptions of major and minor political parties in the United States. They also list all people running for President from each of the parties. 2020 Presidential Election Candidate Quiz- Find Your Match matches you to presidential candidates

Project Vote Smart's Vote Easy quiz matches you to presidential or congressional candidates

Election Information

Ben's Guide to Elections provides a quick and easy explanation of the U.S. election process.

California Elections and Voter Information (Official) page has lots of California specific info on both National and state elections: procedures, past results, party information, electoral college in CA, initiatives & referendums, etc...

National Archives Electoral College page tells you all about the electoral college: what it is, how it works, and what happened in past elections. Their FAQs page is a great resource for quick answers.


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Next Election

General Election      (Presidential & Congressional)

November 3, 2020 - register to vote by October 19, 2020

Official Voter Information Guide 3/3/20 Presidential Primary
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Election 2020 Voting Information
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